About Untouched Image
In this age of digital photography, images can be edited with a click of the mouse, until they are far removed from the original. This can be an exciting process, but some people question the integrity and value of digital images. I was fascinated by Nils Udo's photographs of his natural sculptures - transitory works of art created within the landscape. He refuses to enhance his images after shooting; instead:

".......the artifice of photography is not used, for example, to somehow change the reality it records, by saturating the colours or retouching the image during the development process. In fact, time and the reality of the work in situ are exactly those recorded in the photograph."

Untouched Image Website
The Untouched Image website is currently being developed and will eventually have a link to an archive of all images which have been displayed in the galleries.

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The images can be bought as prints or, for commercial use, as digital files. Please get in touch using the contact form.