Dartmouth and the River Dart
Includes photographs of famous landmarks: Bayards Cove - which you will recognise from The Onedin Line - Dartmouth Castle and the Lower Ferry, as well as the quiet backwaters of Old Mill Creek.

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DRD0001 Bayard's Cove, Dartmouth, early morning mist, June
DRD0002 Dartmouth Lower Ferry, misty June morning, watery sunlight
DRD0003 Dartmouth Lower Ferry slipway, ferry arriving, misty June morning
DRD0004 Bayard's Cove, Dartmouth, reflections of mooring lines
DRD0005 Dartmouth Lower Ferry leaving slipway, misty June morning
DRD0006 Dartmouth Castle and Kingswear, February sunrise seen from Lower Ferry slip
DRD0007 River Dart February sunrise, Lower Ferry arriving
DRD0008 Dartmouth Old Mill Creek, tern captured in shafts of winter sunlight
DRD0009 Dartmouth Old Mill Creek, bow of rowing boat reflected in calm waters
DRD0010 Dartmouth Old Mill Creek, rowing boat reflections, Kingswear and Hoodown behind
DRD0011 River Dart, Sandridge Point silhouette against glowing sunset
DRD0012 River Dart, Sandridge Point silhouette in fading blue twilight