Sea and Coast
Photographs reflect the different moods of the South Devon coast: from a still summer evening on the beach at Torcross, looking towards Start Point, to the gigantic waves whipped up by an Easterly storm. Visitors to The South Hams may come across traditional fishing activites at Beesands, or the natural treasures to be found on cliff-tops and in rockpools.

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SC0001 Wave-dodging on Slapton Sands in Easterly winter storm
SC0002 Close-up of seaspray over rocks. Little Dartmouth cliff walk
SC0003 Bantham Beach. Wrapped up against a windy winter's day
SC0004 Bantham in February. Silhouette of surfer walking on beach with board
SC0005 Start Point. Calm summer evening at dusk
SC0006 Sea and sky at Torcross. Bright buoys on flat calm in summer twilight
SC0007 Cliff-top flowers near Dartmouth
SC0008 Spiky lichens on rocks above high water mark near Gammon Head
SC0009 Pearly rocks and shellfish in clear pool. Floating weed casting shadow
SC0010 Limpets with seaweed tufts in clear rockpool
SC0011 Beesands fishing gear. Conger eels hung up to dry
SC0012 Beesands fishing. Close-up of conger eel heads