Poppies, tulips and other flowers
Poppies - a favourite flower for many of us - captured here as their petals unfold at sunrise. Glossy, scarlet parrot tulips contrast with delicate, pink blooms of clematis montana and wild dog-rose. Distinctive fruits of Rosa Moyesii glisten with raindrops, following a heavy Autumn shower.

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FL0001 Little Dartmouth, July.  Early morning poppy-field 1, landscape view
FL0002 Little Dartmouth, July. Early morning poppy-field 2, portrait view
FL0003 Little Dartmouth. Buds of wild poppies opening at sunrise
FL0004 Little Dartmouth. Sunlight shining through petals of single poppy flower opening
FL0005 Little Dartmouth. Scarlet poppies and shimmering grasses at sunrise
FL0006 Portrait of red parrot tulip bud
FL0007 Scarlet parrot tulip. Single petal in early morning sunlight
FL0008 Flamboyant scarlet parrot tulip petals in full sunlight
FL0009 Summer teasel study, with purple in background
FL0010 Pink clematis montana, single bloom, fully open showing stamens, against blue sky
FL0011 Rosehips after the rain. Glossy red Rosa Moyesii fruit with glistening raindrops
FL0012 River Dart shores. Delicate pink dogrose flower in full bloom